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Little Birds CD now available!


The CD of 'cello and accordion music that I recently recorded with Anthony Schulz is now available! Click on the "Buy Now" button to go to the Paypal site where you can buy the CD using either credit card or paypal, and we'll whip off a copy in the mail to you! Only AU$30 including postage.

For a preview of some of the tracks on the CD, check out the SoundCloud player below. For full track listing, click here:

Review by Owen McKern, program manager at PBS 106.7FM radio in Melbourne:

“On Little Birds cellist Rachel Scott and accordion player Anthony Schulz share a sublime and intimate series of arrangements of works from well known composers, as well as new pieces from Schulz. The performances, arrangements and audio recording here are truly superb and the CD is perfectly complemented by Klara Teahan’s gorgeous artwork.”

Welcome to Bach in the Dark  for 2014.

When I started this concert series in 2009, I had no idea that it would still be going in 2014. Over the last five years, so much has changed – and yet my original idea has stayed the same. I wanted to create a time to share the music I love with others in the type of place that I would like to visit. I wanted a place where nothing was more important than the sounds of Bach, or Bartok, or Bloch or Wesley-Smith, or anyone else that had written things I could play. I wanted people to be with me, in the moment. I wanted an unstuffy place where people could laugh or cry, or sigh with the beauty of the music that was so special to me. And it has happened for the last five years. Little things have changed – the wine has gotten better. There are blackout curtains hung to make things even darker. Now you can buy tickets on line. But the essence of Bach in the Dark has stayed true. I feel tremendously privileged to be able to curate a concert series that inspires me so much as a musician – it is one of the things in my life I cherish and value enormously.

To all the audience members who have come - I thank you. To the audience members who come back time and time again – I thank you (more!), and promise that you will never be bored. (If you are, I will stop!) To people who haven’t yet come to experience the crypt and Bach in the Dark – I welcome you in advance.

I hope to see many of you down in the crypt. 2014 will be an exciting year – I will be joined by some fabulous musicians and artists! As I am typing this I am smiling, thinking of the many challenges ahead – all of which I am looking forward to tremendously. Here’s to another year of being ‘in the moment’!


Ben Sibson for all his technical wizardry and unwavering support; Barb van Pernis for all her help over all these years and Andrew Simon and Grant Breen at Simon Whitlam wines for their continued support. I also thank all the armies of people who help me at every concert – the friends manning the bar, the people who help me to pack up, the friends who listen to all my ideas over the course of the year. No artist can work in a vacuum – and I thank everyone who supports me and my little series. 


Please go to the ‘performances’ page for all of the dates and times for the 2014 concert season. Most concerts are at St James for two nights, and in Katoomba at nolan on lovel for one night. You  can buy tickets for the St James events online – simply follow the link (the small “t” sign) at the right-hand side of the grey box. News of all the performers joining me is on the ‘about’ page – just click here.

I am currently talking with people in Picton and Kiama to see if they might be interested in hosting ‘Bach in the Dark’ in some local churches – stay tuned for more news as it unfolds.

At the August concerts in 2013, with Anthony Schulz playing accordion, we were visited by a critic from "Arts Flair Sydney". These were some of the things she had to say:

"It was such a delight to watch these two players feed off each others energy and thoroughly enjoy themselves".

"Scott meticulously shaped the choral lines while Schulz provided just enough dynamic support maintaining the balance of the music beautifully".

"If you came in a sceptic, you would leave a believer".

If you were at the ‘Painted Bach’ event in November where I was joined by visual artist Judith White there will soon be a little video of the night, and an interview. Keep checking back – it’ll be uploaded soon!


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