Bach in the Dark – Cello and Double Bass – 2020 series

Sydney , NSW , Australia

St James Church Crypt

7:00 PM
$45 (no concessions)

Bach in the Dark – Cello and Double Bass – 2020 series

Tickets for this concert will go on sale at 9am on Friday December 6, 2019.

For the first program in the 2020 series at St James, Rachel is joined by the fabulous Benjamin Ward on double bass. Yes! It’s all going to be about those low sounds – what a night!

Ben is new to Bach in the Dark audiences, but not to those who go to Sydney Symphony Orchestra concerts, as you will have seen him in the bass section there for a number of years. Rachel is so looking forward to playing with Ben – not just because he’s a wonderful musician, but also because the sound of cello and something even lower than the cello is such a delight.

They are still working out the program, because at this point they have found so much repertoire. Of course there’ll be Bach. There may be some Vivaldi, and even Rossini. There might be some mad Russian stuff too…. Once they’ve decided, it’ll be listed here. But whatever they choose, it’ll be a great night!

Want to know more about Ben? Just go here

Venue Details

St James Church Crypt
173 King Street
Sydney , NSW 2000
(02) 8227 1300