Bach in the Dark – Cello and Double Bass – Katoomba

Katoomba, NSW, Australia

Nolan on Lovel Gallery

7:00 PM
$45 (no concessions)

Bach in the Dark - Cello and Double Bass - Katoomba

Tickets are available for this concert from 9am, Friday December 1, 2023.

The beautiful space of nolan on lovel will be filled with the sounds of two low instruments – imagine the difference between single and double cream…. It’s a fabulous combination! Rachel and Ben were going to play liveat the gallery 2020, and then COVID happened – and she thought it was high time she featured the artist you’d booked to see all those years ago!

The program will include some Bach (of course!), some Bach-inspired bluegrass (I kid you not!), a re-working of Bach’s ‘Crab’ canon by M.B. Sibson and a few other musical surprises! It’ll be a night to make you smile, sigh with pleasure and tap your toes – all at different times!

Nolan Gallery will be open at 6.30pm for the concert, and a glass of wine (or non-alchohlic equivalent) will be offered to every patron. Ticket sales will STOP at 2pm on the day of the concert, and must be booked on-line. There will be NO tickets sold at the gallery on the night of the performance.

Venue Details

Nolan on Lovel Gallery
56a Lovel Street
Katoomba, NSW 2780
02 4782 6231