Bach in the Dark is a time when you can be ‘in the moment’ with the performers. It’s a time when you can forget about the phone bill, or the shopping, or the dire state of Australian politics and simply listen.

The concerts run for just over an hour. They are deliberately informal – each piece is introduced, so there’s no need to look at your program. There is no dress code, no rule about when to clap, no rule about how you are meant to ‘be’ as you are listening (just don’t unwrap sweets when the musicians are playing – it’s louder than you think!).

Every venue is dark. Some venues are cold in winter, so you’ll need to wrap up warm. If the concert is in a church (or the crypt of St James), most seating is on pews – so you might want to bring a cushion.

The players will be fabulous. The music will be varied and wonderful. The wine will be delicious. Enjoy!

As I write this, in September 2018, the line-up for the St James concerts for 2019 has just been finalised. I’ll start the year in this beautiful crypt playing with dear friend, harpist-extraordinaire and broadcaster, Genevieve Lang. The combination of cello and harp is just glorious – and also looks stunning as well! In May, I’m being joined by a Sydney clarinet legend (but Bach in the Dark newbie), Deborah de Graaff. We met when we were both coaching at a music camp, and instantly clicked. I’m delighted she’ll be bringing her amazing playing and energy to the series this year. In August, I’ll be joined by concert favourites, the Choir of St James and their conductor, Warren Trevelyan-Jones. The choir concerts are always an audience favourites – the night will be heart-stoppingly beautiful! And then to wrap it all up in November, I have asked back my dear friend and former teacher, David Pereira, to finish off the year playing music for two cellos and laughing our way to the end of the year!

The tickets for the St James concerts sold out very quickly in 2018, and there’ll be no extra performances added at this venue – so I suggest you book in quickly when the tickets go on sale on Friday November 30. We’ll be going to various regional venues too – I’ll add those dates as they get firmed up, so keep checking on the website if they are near you…

Lots of beautiful music, lots of inspiring artists having a great time on stage and responding in the moment.  I hope to see you at a concert – come up and say hello! Here’s to 2019!