Can I book numbered seats to any Bach in the Dark concerts?

No. There is no preferential treatment; it’s first come, first served. If you do have a medical condition – claustrophobia, cochlear implants or something else – contact Rachel to arrange for you to be let in early. Some venues can be accessed by wheelchair, others not. Again, contact Rachel to find out.  Although there is a rush to sit at the front in the St. James crypt, the best mix of sound is actually a third of the way back – by the bar area.

Are the concerts at either venue suitable for children?

Yes they are. There are often children there. Because the concerts are only an hour, and there is a relaxed, casual atmosphere, children who are interested in classical music often really enjoy it.

Can I record the concerts on my smartphone, tablet or any other device?

No. Please don’t. It is a breach of copyright. You will be asked to leave the concert by either the verger or door-person.

How long are the concerts?

They are a little over an hour, with no interval.

Will the concerts get bigger?

No. They are designed to be for an intimate audience. The essence of Bach in the Dark would be lost.

If the concerts are sold out, what can I do?

Sometimes people book tickets and then don’t show up – so we can sometimes let in a few extra people who just turn up on the night. You could always take a chance, but it is possible you may not get in. Better to book early! If concerts are listed as ‘sold out’ it means that they are sold out. 

I have booked a ticket for a St. James concert, but am unable to come on the night. What shall I do?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds on sold tickets. You can, however, give your ticket to somebody else who may want to come on the night you have booked.