Bach in the Dark – Cello and Clarinet – Live Streaming

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Bach in the Dark online streaming

7:00 PM

Bach in the Dark – Cello and Clarinet – Live Streaming

Last year, Rachel was joined by the fabulous clarinettist Deborah de Graaff for a concert that was a huge hit with audiences. The two friends played music from Bach to the Balkans, with all sorts of things in between.

Rachel is delighted that Deborah will join her for a live-streaming concert to repeat the program that caused toes to tap, heads to nod and the audience to cheer!

Want to know more about Deborah? Just go here

The live stream will be broadcast on the Youtube platform. Links to the stream will be emailed to all ticket purchasers 2 hours before the event. If you have not received the link by 5.30pm (Sydney time) on the day of the concert, please email so it can be sent to you directly. 

For the best listening experience, it is recommended that you listen to the stream through headphones or external speakers. It’s best to check your setup before the concert by playing another video from Youtube. Bear in mind that video and audio quality may vary depending on your internet connection, network congestion, and other elements outside our control.

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Sydney, NSW