Bach in the Dark – Music for Cello and Accordion

Katoomba, NSW, Australia

Nolan on Lovel Gallery

6:00 PM
$45 (no concessions)

Bach in the Dark – Music for Cello and Accordion

For the final concert at ‘nolan on lovel’ gallery for 2024, Rachel is joined by her ‘musical brother’, the fabulous Anthony Schulz (and his accordion!) for a night full of beautiful music, laughter, music-making totally in the moment – and a re-release of Rachel and Anthony’s second recording ‘Mosaic’.

If you’ve never been to a concert of cello and accordion you’ll be treated to Bach, pieces inspired by Bach, a time of stillness by Bloch, a tango by Piazolla and some folk music that’ll get your toes tapping! There’s every sound imaginable, lots of smiling, flights of fancy with Anthony’s improvisations and music that will make your heart beat slower – something for everyone! The duo will also have remastered and have a limited release of their 2023 release ‘Mosaic’ for sale – so be prepared for a musical celebration!

What reviewers have said about the duo… “The audacity is wonderfully apparent from the very start in the unorthodox ensemble which Scott and Schulz comprise – ‘cello and piano accordion in duet. For such a pairing, the selection of works …. both reward the expectations of the listener and throws in a few well calculated surprises.”

Want to hear a little of what you might see? Just go here….

Nolan Gallery will be open at 5.30pm for the concert, and a glass of wine (or non-alchoholic equivalent) will be offered to every patron. Ticket sales will STOP at 2pm on the day of the concert, and must be booked on-line. There will be NO tickets sold at the gallery on the night of the performance.

Venue Details

Nolan on Lovel Gallery
56a Lovel Street
Katoomba, NSW 2780
02 4782 6231