‘The Painted Bach’ at “Art That Moves”

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Workshop Arts Centre

6:30 PM
$55 (some concessions available)

'The Painted Bach' at "Art That Moves"

Art That Moves FlyerThe Willoughby Arts Workshop Centre is a not for profit venue that has been operating on Sydney’s lower North Shore for over 50 years. As part of their regular and ongoing commitment to the arts in all its forms, the centre runs a week-long festival called “The Festival Of Other Arts“. Pottery, sculpture, photography, animation, video and performances by internationally renowned musicians all make up an extensive program.

One weekend is dedicated to performance in a program titled “Art That Moves“. “The Painted Bach“, with cellist Rachel Scott and artist Judith White, will be part of this program. For more information about this great evening, you can go here

Last performed at the City of Perth Winter Arts Festival, Rachel and Judith will perform a shortened version of this very successful collaboration combining art and the music of J.S. Bach.

Want to know more about Judith? Go here

Venue Details

33 Laurel Street Willoughby
Sydney, NSW 2068
02 9958 6540