The Spoken Bach – matinée at the Grace Cossington Smith Gallery – SOLD OUT!

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Grace Cossington Smith Gallery

3:30 PM
$40 (no concession)

The Spoken Bach - matinée at the Grace Cossington Smith Gallery - SOLD OUT!

Get ready for a concert with a difference!

Rachel is joined by author (and school friend!) Maggie MacKellar for a concert featuring the spoken word and music by Bach (and others). The two ex-Abbotsleigh girls are delighted to be playing in the beautiful space of the Grace Cossington Smith gallery, where you’ll be surrounded by art as you sit and listen.

Maggie (represented by Penguin books) has published two books on the history of settlement in Australia and Canada and two memoirs, When It Rains and How To Get There. To celebrate her new book ‘Graft’, Maggie will be reading excerpts of her writing, linked to Rachel’s playing. It will be a concert that will allow you to appreciate Maggie’s beautiful writing, and the close link between words and music – a moment of peace; time slowing a little.

‘The Spoken Bach’ is an hour-long program based around Maggie’s new book, Graft, and music by Bach, Gabrielli and Purcell.

The Sydney Morning Herald (in their ‘Pick of the Week’ section!) said “To attempt to sum up this beautiful book is to do a disservice to the delicate and finely woven lattice of narrative threads that comprise it, like reducing a glimmering spider web to its geometry.”  Good Reading says “Mackellar’s unique voice captures the sensory in every experience… She doesn’t just describe, she takes us on a journey that will be remembered long after the book is closed.”

Door to the venue will open at 3.00pm, and ticket price includes a glass of wine.

Ticket sales will STOP at 8pm the night before the concert, and if there are any available tickets, they will be available at the door.

Venue Details

Abbotsleigh School - 1666 Pacific Hwy, Wahroonga
Sydney, NSW 2076