A new blog post…. finally!

The other day I was out with someone who said to me “You haven’t blogged for ages!”. I didn’t realise that anyone actually read these posts, but I’ll try and write more regularly. (OK – I’ll admit it. It was my mother. She’s probably the only person who reads this. Mum, I’m doing what you told me to do. What a good daughter….. well, sometimes.)

So – what’s been happening? Well, 2016 is a different year for me. I spent January recording a CD with my dear friend, former teacher and one of my favourite musicians to work with, David Pereira. We were in the middle of rural NSW, in the middle of a heat-wave. I hate recording – I find it really stressful, but actually, it wasn’t too bad. We had a grant from the Australia Council to cover most of it, so the financial pressure was off. I knew the music inside-out. The space was quirky and quiet and anything else that starts with ‘Q’. And David was lovely to record with. I’ve since heard a track as it’s been edited. Actually, it sounds really beautiful. I’m quietly excited…

I’m in two schools regularly teaching. One is in inner-Sydney. The kids are tough. The staff are incredible. And I love it. And another school I go to is in western NSW. The kids are easier – although tremendously excited every time I’m there (some of them have been known to tremble at the start of a music lesson – not from fear either!). And I love those staff too – they are also fabulous. I was in another school last year, but after a long time there, I moved on. Now, looking back, it was the right thing to do for so many reasons.

And I have lots of concerts coming up – and some really exciting things in the pipeline. The regular ‘Bach in the Dark’ concerts. Some special events at various places that haven’t quite fallen into place. But the performing year is shaping up to be a good one!

But the best thing about 2016? Well, there are two things that excite me enormously at the moment. One is my soda stream. I have ALL the soda water I want. For not-much-money-at-all. How good it that? The other is a particularly fabulous pair of flares. Crochet. Oh yes. They are excellent.

So…. Mum – I’ve blogged. And anyone else who has got this far. I’ll do it more – well, that’s the plan.Now off to fill up my glass with fizzy water.