CD madness…

In January this year I recorded a CD. I went with a little team of people to a fabulous studio in the middle of nowhere, and spent three days pouring my soul into some microphones. Some people like this process…. I am not one of those people. I had a lovely team of people with me, and David (the other cellist I was recording with) is a dear friend of mine and I love him dearly. But it was still an unpleasant and draining time for me.

However, this post isn’t about how much I hate recording. I’ve written that before, and don’t need to do it again. This is about what has happened over the last week.

Just before a massive storm hit Sydney (how’s that for timing?!), I was delivered 5 large cardboard boxes by a very friendly courier man.CD arrived



And then the madness began. One afternoon, while listening to various CDs (no – not mine!) I packaged up all the bits and pieces for the people who had pre-ordered CDs (and goodies as rewards for some of them who had given me lots of their money to help with the project). My living room was a bit of a mess, and I got very good at wrangling CD mailers. sending out stuff

The next day I spent emailing people to see if they wanted to listen to a copy. I contacted various people from ABC-FM, music festivals around the country, reviewers from magazines and radio stations… all sorts of people. This wasn’t new – I’d done it all before with the last CD I had released. But this time, instead of silence, I got emails back! It seems people are interested this time. I’m not sure whether it’s because they know David Pereira’s name. Or maybe they’ve heard mine, or the concert series. Some people were interested in the amount of Australian music that’s on the disc, and the fact that there are two pieces on there that have never been recorded. Maybe because we got funding from the Australia Council?

I don’t know. And don’t really care. Getting it to people is a hard thing. It’s taken a lot of time sitting at a computer. But now lots of CDs have gone out into the world – released like little butterflies.

So if you are reading this, and have your own copy – thank you. Thanks for helping us. Thanks for helping me. I hope you like our playing. We did our best…..

And if you don’t like it? Well…. you now have a bright yellow drinks coaster. Or a bird-scarer for your trees. Or a small, breakable frisbee.