Here’s to 2023…..

Last weekend, I played a little live-stream launch. It was a way of me musically kicking off the new year, playing to my audience base who is incredibly supportive, and has stuck by this little concert series of mine for the last few years.

Let’s face it, 2020 and 2021 were DIRE for artists. Cancelled concerts. Lockdowns. Uncertainty. It was horrible. Not just in Australia, but world-wide. I consider myself one of the lucky ones – I could live-stream concerts, and give my musical friends and collegues work. Practising had a point, and I was able to share music with others – both performers and audiences.

In 2022 I put on a few concerts, but it was hard. Hard because there was still so much uncertainty. People left booking tickets really late, so I was left wondering if I could pay everyone. There were COVID outbreaks, which affected both players and audiences. So I decided to stop for a bit. I was pretty burnt-out. From working incredibly hard (both as a performer and teacher), from being as positive as I could, from worrying about finances (like nealy every other artist I know). Nothing remarkable. Luckily, I could press pause, and still pay my rent (I kept teaching, just not performing).

And I got sick. Boy, was I sick. Everything I could have got, I got it. And badly.

Now I find myself facing 2023. And I’m hopeful. I’m hopeful enough to schedule a YEAR’S WORTH of concerts. To pay deposits at venues. To start thinking medium-term. I’m hopeful enough to release a recording out into the world (there’s always a chance you’ll be heavily criticised). I’m hopeful enough to think of some really hard things to do – things that will challenge me.

Back to the live-stream last week. I chose music I loved. I chose music that made me happy. And I played it like that. I celebrated. In my living room, to a camera, and two wandering cats, I found myself hopeful for a long while. And you know, it felt good. Here we go….. !