It’s like a zoo out there…

I teach in schools three days a week. And I am KNACKERED. I don’t know how teachers are doing it five days a week. Here’s what it’s like….

Kids are TIRED. They are exhausted. And that means no-one has any patience for their class mates. There’s more kids in tears, more kids angry, more weird behaviour going on.

Kids are anxious. And that throws up all sorts of strange behaviour – and conversations that need to be had, but navigated so carefully. Their teachers are doing this, you know.

Any kids that are ‘active’ are bouncing off the walls right now. This makes teaching hard.

Many kids have really withdrawn into themselves after weeks of staring at a computer screen. Imagine also needing to teach this – along the really active kids.

No little people has a very strong sense of community right now. So kids aren’t helping others very much, or looking out for one another. This makes things even harder.

Playgrounds are ROUGH. Tears. Lots of.

And through this the teachers are teaching. They are smiling. They are doing their absolute best. They are putting up with all sorts of stuff – and they are doing their jobs. Wonderfully.

And the point of this? If you are reading this, and know a teacher, appreciate them. Buy them flowers. Or a coffee. Give them a thumbs-up. They are even more extraordinary than they were before.