Motivation for my madness….

I have had to do a bit of reflecting over the last few days about a few friends of mine who are the generation older than me. They are both musicians, and I’m reflecting on their work over their life.

I was thinking what my life would be like when they are gone (death and taxes and all that……), and how I will remember them. And then, because of course it all comes back to me (!!), I wondered about when I am gone, how people will remember me. And how I would like to be remembered. Not in a maudlin way, just the way people sit and muse over things.

I think I’d like to be remembered as someone who left the music education scene in a better way than when she found it.
As someone who played her ‘cello honestly and with authenticity.
As someone who enjoyed being with her friends and her husband.
As someone who had a weakness for Veuve Clicquot.
As someone who loved bright colours.
And as someone who laughed a lot – especially at herself.

I’ll probably really be remembered as an opinionated trouble-maker, who was difficult, obstinate and drank too much – but a girl can dream, I guess!