Please use your nice words…

So here’s a type of email I’m getting a lot at the moment.

“I booked a ticket on insert date here. I don’t have the link. Why hasn’t this been sent to me?”

There’s no please. No thank you. No wondering if in fact the person has made an error.

This is the email I send back.

“Dear insert name here. I’m sorry you are having trouble. You mightn’t have realised, but the link for the concert won’t be sent to you until two hours before the concert, on the night of the concert – which isn’t until insert date here. So you’ll hear nothing from us until then! Hope it works for you. Please do let me know if anything is unclear, though. Happy to help!”

Sometimes the emails even come in CAPITAL LETTERS, which as far as I’m concerned is SHOUTING.

And that’s the last I hear from these people. No ‘Oops’. Or ‘My mistake.’ Not even a ‘Sorry I got a bit angry.’

I know these are hard times. Goodness knows musicians know that. People are reacting in all sorts of ways. But could we all just remember our manners, please? Please?