Reflections on the last four weeks

I’ve had an… umm…. interesting four weeks.

I have learned a lot over those four weeks. I think a lot of people would call the last month ‘character building’. I don’t really want any more character. I think I have enough character already, thank you very much.

This is what I’ve learned…. in no particular order.

1. There are more children sent to school without breakfast than one would think.

2. Some really famous musicians are incredibly generous, lovely, great fun and giving.

3. People don’t like to be told they have made a mistake.

4. Very few people own up to the mistakes they have made, even if it’s really obvious.

5. Then people get abusive.

6. There is an excellent dumpling restaurant by North Sydney station.

7. Practising with a metronome is very important.

8. More people like the combination of ‘cello and accordion than one would think.

9. ‘Character building’ is a euphemism for ‘really awful time’.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me through. The hand-holders, tea-makers, yoga teachers, drink-pourers and joke-tellers.