Searching for happiness…

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I am writing this inspired by a little person I teach. You see, I had a school choir singing in a concert last week. I asked for it to be videoed to see if I could do anything differently, or better. Just for another pair of eyes, really. Standing right at the end of the choir is a little boy – let’s call him Braydon. Braydon has had a really tough life so far. Awful. And yet, he comes to school really cheerfully. It’s not only that part of Braydon’s life that inspires me though. Right at the end of the song, after he’d sung so proudly (and with all the right words, and looking at the conductor, and standing beautifully) he grinned. The sun came out over his face. He was delighted with himself.

Just seeing that made my day. I saw that music makes him happy. I saw that performing, on that day, made him happy. (And he needs all the happiness he can get, does Braydon.)

So I got thinking about what makes me happy. And maybe, after you read this, you can work out what makes you happy. Because then, you see, you can pursue those things, rather than get caught up in the other stuff. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Music makes me happy. Playing it (well, most of the time), practising it (yep – I do actually really enjoy practising…. most of the time) and teaching it. Sharing it with others. Music has always made me happy. I can’t imagine a world without it.

And then, just to contradict myself, silence makes me happy. Not so long ago, my neighbours has renovations done, and the noise – the full-on, quite constant noise really upset me. It surprised me how upset I got. Sometimes no sound is a fabulous thing.

The friendship and love of my husband (and bestest friend) makes me happy.

Friends make me happy. Sitting sharing a glass of wine (or champers, or gin, or cider – not fussed here.) with them. Maybe some food as well.

Lack of clutter makes me happy. I keep passing ‘stuff’ on. By the time I’m in my 60’s I’m not sure I’ll have much left.

Colours make me happy. Colourful clothes, colourful flowers.

Gardening makes me happy. Eating the stuff from the garden makes me happy too. And smug.

Doing yoga makes me happy. Sometimes it makes me exhausted, sometimes frustrated, but mostly happy. The learning behind it – body awareness, breath, patience, persistence – this all makes me happy as well.

Being around cats makes me happy. I love the way they deal with life. When I come back to this earth, I’d like to be a cat.

And drinking tea makes me happy. Good, leaf tea. With just a dash of milk.

Over to you now…. you know my list.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]