So near to the finish line….

It seems the journey of the second CD is very nearly over. If I was Frodo, I’d have thrown the ring away and now I just have to wend my way back to the Shire. I know it’s really dangerous to say it’s ‘nearly there’, but I think it is.

The tracks have now all been edited and mixed – and everyone is happy with them. I’ve listened to these things more times than I would have liked, which is not many. I don’t like to listen to my recorded playing. I only hear the faults, and start spiraling into negativity. I don’t see the roses – only the thorns. But that’s just me. Ben (who has done the editing) has lived with this music for the last four months, and he’s happy with everything. David is delighted with the whole thing (note to self – I must try to be more like that!). The art work is beautiful, and ready to go. That was, again, my favourite job. I love seeing the process of Klara’s creativity. She has done the art on both of my CDs now. It’s quite remarkable….

The codes for the tracks have been bought. (Did you know there are these codes that are embedded into a CD s your computer knows what they are? Now you do…) The bar code has been purchased. Royalties have been worked out and paid. Financial agreements have been worked out.

It’s been a more pleasant process than the first CD I did a few years ago. I knew what I was in for this time – and, being the control freak I am, I have controlled everything. Budgets, schedules – the lot. It was like controlling a room full of toddlers – but they are all nearly grown-up and can be sent to big school.

What’s left? The tracks need to be mastered (it’s like turning them into what will be burned onto a CD). The timings of the tracks need to be added to the art for the CD. We need to send the disc off to the printers. And then I wait for the finished product.

And then it’s done. I’m back in the Shire with my pipe and ale. ‘Dreaming with Daisy’ goes out into the world. If you don’t like how it sounds, it’ll make a beautiful drinks coaster….