A different perspective…

Last weekend I was lucky enough to do a concert with a real audience! Yes – all COVID-safe, and all that. But there were real people watching. In the same large space. It was totally fabulous. I played continuo with the Choir of St James, who sang SO incredibly well. It was an extraordinary concert. If you want to watch it, you can, for the remainder of March – here is more information.

They sang remarkably well – in fact, I don’t think I’ve heard them that good EVER. And I was talking to their conductor, who surprised me with a few things he said. He thought that COVID, and all that came with it, had dome some good things for the choir. No-one could travel, so there were no swapping of voices – everyone was around. The choir had to be really creative with their programming and how they rehearsed. It made a lot of people be really open in their thinking. And now they are reaping the benefits.

It was great to hear this from him – and it got me thinking too. About how I’ve had to change during this time, and how that’s created some good things. I wouldn’t have been able to live-stream concerts – hadn’t even thought about it. And then I wouldn’t have been able to live-stream a really special school concert at one of the school’s I’m in, which has meant so much to those little people. All the concerts I’ve done has really improved my playing. I’ve had to write new teaching material, which has been great. My teaching has probably gotten better too, as I’ve had to be really engaging.

Don’t get me wrong – there have been some awful things too. But also good stuff. Silver linings, eh? I