Skateboarding…. sort of.

I’m lucky as a performer in many ways. Probably the biggest way is that I get to perform with who I choose – that’s the great thing about running your own series. You can ask musicians who you like. Players who inspire you. People who you think will challenge you.

I’ve just had the most wonderful time working with someone new – a flute player called Rosie. The concert was great fun – really exciting, and very ‘in the moment’. But what was probably the most exciting were some times in rehearsals. Let me try and explain….

Many pieces I find myself performing I have played before. This isn’t boring in any way – but there’s a feeling of safety about it. I know how this goes. I remember the other part. I know what I want to do. And then, sometimes, something new gets suggested. Totally new. And when it works, it’s incredibly exciting. I’m back on a tightrope again, knowing I could fall at any moment.

This often happens with someone I’ve played with many times. You trust each other, and can jump off the springboard together. But to do this with someone new? It doesn’t happen much. And when it does, it’s totally wonderful.

And that happened.

Imagine riding a skateboard down a hill. A big hill. Knowing you could fall off. And the sun is shining. And you have your favourite shoes on. The wind is in your hair.

That’s it. That’s the feeling.