All that is good. And some that is bad.

It’s a strange, strange time at the moment. We’re all in this together so I know you know what I’m saying. Some really awful things have happened to me lately – as I’m sure that they have to you as well. People who I thought would behave better haven’t. They’ve spoken (or written) without thinking of the consequences their words or actions would have. They’ve bullied. They’ve acted totally and utterly selfishly.

I’ve had conversations with people who are teachers – and they’ve been totally overwhelmed with things. They’ve been pulled in a thousand directions, and yet they are trying desperately to do the right thing for the children they see.

I’ve had conversations with artists who are sinking low into dark places. They are worried, and creatively silent. They are watching their livelihoods slip through their fingers – like they are trying to hold milk in their open hands. And it’s all very well to say ‘This won’t be forever’, but it’s hard to see the end of the tunnel.

And then I’ve been truly humbled by other things. People who have been so incredibly selfless. Who have put others first. Who have righted injustices that they’ve seen.

I am putting on a concert at the end of this week. I’m live-streaming a program that got cancelled in mid-March, which seems like a lifetime ago now. I deliberately chose a low price so that everyone could have access to it. And then put in a button for donations. I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of people who have booked tickets. At first I watched donations come in wide-eyed. Then I cried. Then I smiled. Then I told my fellow artist what was happening, and sensed the same reaction going on. And it has been actually life-changing. It has reminded me of the good in people. Of the love for arts, and artists. Of the need for music.

So if you are one of these people who have changed my life, thank you. I truly thank you. From the bottom of my heart. You have all inspired me to play. And to be kind to others. Because this all comes around, doesn’t it.