Do you know, I’ve thought about it…..

Most of what I do has been thought over. In fact, it’s no doubt been really thought through. It’s most likely also been discussed with long-suffering husband, and two of my closest friends. I don’t do much without thinking about it.

Especially if it has to do with my performing. So when I set a ticket price, it’s done with a lot of thought. I’ve had a number of people email me to say that they think the ticket price I’ve set for the live-streaming concerts I’m doing is too low. I’m sure they are trying to help. But there are reasons. And I’ve not asked for their opinion either.

I’ll often get ‘Hi Rachel. Insert venue here is charging X amount. And you are only charging Y. I think ….’ And then it continues.

Now insert venue here is often a standard concert venue. With lighting rigs, sound engineers and good acoustics. I am at home, with my reading lamps, and a pretty good sound set-up – but it’s still a home.

I also know a lot of people who have lost their jobs. A lot of people, actually. What I’m charging can be afforded by nearly everyone. (Actually, if you can’t afford it, let me know, and I’ll send you a free ‘ticket’.) Right now, people need music. They need beauty. And I can give you that, just a little bit. I’d rather make you feel better than make a lot of money.

I’ve also been poor. Really struggled. And that feeling of hand-to-mouth never quite leaves you. So I don’t want people who have not-so-much to be excluded.

Call me foolish. Call me altruistic. Call me what you want. (People have done in the past, and they sure as hell aren’t going to stop now.) But I have a pretty firm moral compass. And this is how it’s leading me.