As a friend of mine would say….. ‘Sanks’.

I have said it before – and I’m going to say it again (in fact, I’m going to say it now) – I have a huge amount of help to run my life in the way it runs. It’s all been a bit busy over the last 4 weeks or so -lots of travel (not as glamorous as it sounds. I don’t like being on planes much, and travelling with a cello is pretty stressful. You are also a sitting duck for nutters to want to talk to you…), lots of radio and print interviews, lots of ‘being in the public eye’.

And there are numerous people who do all sorts of things for me – and so I want to write about them today. People who fix my website for me when the updates don’t talk to the plug-in (I think. I’m not sure. I am a bit of a Luddite, and my eyes started to watch for passing squirrels when this was being explained to me….). Someone who tweaked a CD booklet for a re-print when they had mountains of work to do. A friend who picked me up from the airport when I was feeling pretty wiped out, carried my bags and then took me out to lunch. Someone who very quietly calmed me down when I was being spoken to pretty awfully and could have exploded (with dire consequences). Someone else who does all the cleaning and runs the house when I’m away so I can come back to a warm, well-stocked house. Friends who manage the bar for me at concerts.

The list is pretty endless. These are just the ones I am thinking of now.

If any of them are reading this (I’m not sure if they do) – I thank you hugely.

And if they aren’t, I still thank them hugely. If you see them, please thank them as well. They’ll like that!