Sharing music….. all sorts of music

My musical life is divided into two – I am both a teacher and a performer. People often ask me if I prefer one part over another – would I like to give up the teaching? Or maybe stop the madness of performing? But I love them both equally, and cannot imagine stopping either.

I was reflecting on why I liked them both – and do you know, it’s the same reason.

Music for me is so special. I love it. Classical music most of all, but I love most things musical (possibly ‘Rage Against the Machine’, any thrash metal and Wagner excepted. And possibly Justin Beavor Beiber.). And I love the process of sharing it.

This week I have had some fabulous experiences sharing music. I watched a class of children SERIOUSLY get into hitting rhythms on wheelie bins, and loved watching their grinning as they did it. (Some people would say this isn’t music, but I disagree…) Then I was working with a very large choir of school children sing an African song for an assembly, and loved watching them all groove away and sing (including some lanky boys who are a bit too-cool-for-school who just couldn’t help themselves). Then I went out to the country for three days of musical madness to teach some delightful kids new songs, drum patterns, chime bar pieces and musical games. I also had a class of 32 pre-schoolers (argh!) – and watching these little people play instruments for the first time is chaos – but incredibly excellent too!

And then on the weekend I played a Bach Suite at my yoga studio. About 50 people turned up and really listened and loved it.

And writing this, I wonder just how many people get a chance to do this. To share what they love with so many people.

I feel really lucky, you know.