I’ve been silent here for a while…

Hello! So I haven’t been blogging for a while. It’s a combination of many things – my website back-end hadn’t been updated for a while, so was deemed to be ‘unsafe’ to visit. (Thank you to husband a techguru Ben who has now fixed it!).

I was playing a large number of concerts, which meant many hours of practise. Sadly, I can’t just sit down and play whatever I have chosen – it takes me a number of hours by myself getting things ready to rehearse – and then there’s the rehearsals on top of that.

And then there was the teaching during 2020. Wowsers. What a year. I was very thankful for all the years of experience under my belt. That fact I could change things on the fly if I needed to. The years of testing things and knowing what works and what doesn’t. It really brought home the need to kids to play music. To create. To have something that makes them smile and laugh in their day.

And now, facing 2021, I know it’ll be much the same. I walk into this year of teaching knowing a bit more what to expect. I won’t be playing quite as many concerts.

But I’ll be back blogging! Hope you can join me on my weekly (or so) rants and reflections….